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Ayurveda Treatment


This is normally known as the general massage, in which two masseurs stand on the either side of the person and apply medicated herbal oil on the head and massage gently. The massage is continued on the neck, shoulders, chest and back. The person is made to lie down and the massage is continued in a synchronized manner from head to toe in various positions. A steam bath and shower follow this massage. This massage is very good for relieving stress and strain. If this massage is done once in a week it is the best preventive medicine to keep away stress and strain to lead a healthy life. It also prevents aging of the skin, tones muscles reduces body numbness and excess fat. The natural herb in the oil help in rejuvenation gives a smooth skin and provides lustre to the hair.


This is one of the special aristocratic massage for rejuvenating & detoxifying the whole body. The prescribed oil is applied on the head. The whole body is smeared with the medicated oil. In this treatment the patient is made to lie on a wooden Droni (a wooden bed specially designed for the purpose) then pieces of linen dipped in warm medicated oil is squeezed over on to the patient's bodyuniformly and then the oil is rubbed smoothly over the body by masseurs on either side. The massage is very slow and light without exerting much pressure. This is done for a period of 7 to 14 days and helps to remove all the toxins from the body and protects the body from illness and builds up the immunity.This is a highly rejuvenating treatment that enhances muscular tone and retunes the entire nervous system.


Navarakizhiis giving massage to the body with small linen bags filled with cooked medicated Navara rice after liberal application of medicated oil over the whole body. The rice is cooked in cow's milk mixed with certain herbal decoction. These bags are dipped in the same mixture and applied over the whole body of the patient. Navarakizhi therapy of Kairali fortifies muscle tissues and helps to boost up sport performance; it is also useful in paralysis, arthritis, muscular and joint related ailments, Back Pain, Neck Pain and spinal disorder.


This is a classic deep ayurvedic massage using herbal powders, which stimulates hair cavities and subcutaneous fat tissue to break down intravenous fat storage. In this therapy the massage is done with a mixture of herbal powders in upward direction. It is effective in case of Obesity and certain conditions of Hemiplegia, Kapha dominant diseases etc. It helps to strengthen the body and is good for skin also.


It’s a kneading massage with herbal body scrub made of medicated pastes; unlike other therapies, the strokes in this massage therapy are done upwards and against the hair follicles. This Vata & Kapha balancing treatment is effective in cases of obesity, skin conditions like dryness and itching and muscular-skeletal problems.


Mukhaabhgyanam is a Face lift procedure that leaves your skin visibly younger looking and radiant. The treatment starts with a mixture of rose water to cleanse and rehydrate the skin. The face is then massaged with a unique combination of Ayurvediccomponents to restore suppleness, nourish the skin and release tension and worry lines. Tiredness and tension are dispelled leaving your complexion blissfully light and refreshed.

In the Mukhalepam beautyt herapy herbal powder is mixed with cow's milk and applied on the face. It is kept for one hour and then washed. This is an herbal face pack. This helps to remove wrinkles, pigmentation and black marks, improve the skin tone and imparts a special glow to the face.

KAIRALI’S SPECIAL BODY PACK (Udgharshanam + Kaya Lepam)

Udgharshanam: It’s a rubdown with herbal powder; unlike other therapies, the strokes are done upwards and against the hair follicles. This Vata & Kapha balancing treatment is effective in cases of obesity, skin conditions and musculo-skeletal problems.

Kaya lepam: Mixture of milk and 10 powerful herbal powders, is made into a paste and the whole body is wrapped with this paste. The wrap takes away the dead cells and contributes to rosy complexion. Milk makes the skin soft and glowing

SIRODHARA (ThailaDhara)

It is procedure where medicated oil, is poured on the centre of forehead continuously oscillating for specific period of time. It induces mental state of deep relaxation. The patient lies flat in a droniand a stream of warm oil is drizzled very slowly onto the center of the forehead from a special vessel followed by gentle massage. This procedure helps you to attain relaxation and gives a state of rest in mind and body. Best experienced after a massage, Shirodhara is one of our most popular Ayurveda treatments. Shirodhara is a great rejuvenating therapy that gives a healthy face and body glow.


This is KAIRALI’s most Special Therapy to make you feel thoroughly Royal. The guest is welcomed in traditional Kerala style and escorted to the room with a simple prayer.

Padaprakshalanam (Traditional Foot Massage) is given concentrating on the vital points of the feet to activate the channels. This gives a very soothing effect. This is then followed by Siro-abhyangam (traditional head massage with herbal oils) where one gets relaxed and nervous system gets activated in turn improving the blood flow to all parts of the body. As the feet and head is completely relaxed it’s the time of the body to get relaxed which is accomplished with Abhyangam, the famous synchronized massage with special medicated oil, which opens up all the lymphatic channels and allows the flow of the blood to all the vital regions. The body is then given a through scrub called TwakShodhanam to remove the dead cells from the skin and covered with a cooling pack called Kaya Lepam. KeshaLepam is also done it involves application of herbal paste to the scalp in a special technique to promote hair growth, strengthen the follicles of the hair and nourishe them. It cools your cells, make you alert, calm & promotes restful sleep. Mukha-abhyangam and Nethradhara are done as the body pack is left for drying and followed by Steam bath.

KAIRALI’S SONDRYA UPCHAR (Abhyangam + Sirodhara+ MukhaAbhyangam + MukhaLepam)

This is a complete program of whole body ayurvedic body massage, head massage and complete rejuvenation cleansing and detoxifying aimed at revitalizing the body and face, that helps in gaining a glowing face and completely rejuvenated body and calm mind.


This is a procedure where a paste of herbs is applied over both eyes, and covered with a cotton gauze. This stimulates the blood flow around the eyes, and opens the tear ducts. It’s a great technique for dry and itchy eyes, sensitive eyes in the sun, and for decreasing dark circles under the eyes. Also helps eyes that are damaged due to extreme dust or smoke in the environment.

Netra Trarpanam

This is allowing clarified butter to stagnate in the eyes by which the optic nerve is strengthened and eyesight is improved. This is also a soothing, relaxing eye treatment. The face massage removes impurities and provides optimum rejuvenation to eyes and surrounding tissues. It is recommended for anyone suffering from strained, tired, aching, dry, irritated, burning and sore eyes, and especially for clients who use spectacles and for those who regularly work on computers.

Netra Dhara

This is a special therapy for the eye is done with medicated decoction or oils. This process includes washing of the eyes with a medicated mixture of oils. This helps in removing the stress & strain of the eyes, brings lustre to the eyes and soothes away wrinkles.

Kadhi Kizhi

Kadhikizhi is a highly effective ayurvedic therapy where your whole body is massaged with plump, linen bundles that are stuffed with powdered pulses and seeds and fomented with an herbal starch steam. Kadikizhi helps in relieving various aches and pains, obesity-related issues, provide relief to joint mobility and are beneficial for combating diabetes


Narangakizhi is a procedure of therapeutic sweating. In this method sliced limes are cooked with special herbs and medicated oils and made into poultice. This is used to massage the whole body or specific parts of the body. Here you are made to sit in a droni and medicated oil is first applied all over the body. There after fomentation and synchronised special massage is given. This method gives excellent relief from pain and aches.


Herbal poultices (bundles) are prepared with various herbs and medicated powder. These poultices are warmed in medicated oils and the whole body is massaged with the same, on the neck, shoulders hands and back shifting the person from side to side.Relieves pain, controls vitiated Vata, improves peripheral blood supply, and stimulates the nerve endings. This massage can promote better circulation within the affected area thereby promoting the increased perspiration, which helps the skin to eliminate wastes. It also helps to improve the skin tone and can be superbly relaxing besides Detoxifying.


This is a procedure of daily oil enema for someone with chronic vata disorders. It does not need to be accompanied by any strict dietary restriction or daily routine and can be administered, in the appropriate cases, in all seasons. It gives strength, promotes weight and helps elimination of waste products. MatraVasthi very small quantity of medicated oil is used. This therapy can be performed regularly after meals.


The patient lies face down on the droni. An oblong tank made of black gram dough is built up on the lower back, around the lumbo-sacral area. After guaranteeing that this is leak-proof, lukewarm medicinal oil, for relieving pain and fortifying the bone tissues is slowly poured into it. The oil and the receptacle are kept on your back for about half an hour. After removing them, the affected area may be gently massaged with the same oil. The patient is then made to take rest for a short while. It is an effective treatment for all types of lower back pain, stiffness and other back concerns related to spinal disc problems.

Dhanyamala Dhara

Dhanyamla is another ayurvedic treatment where the infusion is prepared with cereals and vinegar attained from citrus fruits, this concoction is bundled in a piece of linen cloth and is then immersed in a pot of water. This water is boiled for certain time. Then the medicinal liquid is poured over different parts of your body, in a rhythmic manner from a hung vessel followed with gentle massage. It is useful for conditions like rheumatism, asthma, spinal disorders and spondylitis.


The first step of Sirovasthi starts with the application of warm herbal oil all over the body. This nourishes the nerve endings and prepares the body for the main treatment. Then a cylindrical shaped leather cap of about ten inches height and both ends open is fitted around the patients head. Certain mixture of the lukewarm herbal oil which is prescribed by the Ayurveda Physician according to the individual body type are poured into it. The course of treatment is effective for migraine, deafness, diseases affecting cranial nerves, facial paralysis, insanity, diseases of the head and eyes, chronic cold, sinusitis, rheumatism, arthritis, abscesses and wounds etc. In fact this treatment is good for all diseases.


Pichu is a soothing treatment for disorders of the head and spine. In this treatment a piece of cotton or linen folded cloth is dipped in medicated herbal oil and positioned gently on the patients crown or forehead. The cloth is replaced periodically to keep it warm and therapeutic. Short, mild and recurrent massage strokes followed by a medicated herbal pack further alleviate stress and enhance the healing process. Emerge from this treatment with renewed agility and comfort.


The face , chest and shoulders of the patient’s body is massaged with herbal oil causing it to perspire. The herbal medicine in exact dose as prescribed is measured and poured into the nostrils, as the patient inhales. During the process the area around the nose, neck, shoulders, palms and feet are massaged vigorously. This is very effective in ailments such as sinusitis, migraine, chronic cold and chest congestion.


This is a form of treatment where boiled eggs and herbal powders are made into pouches and then applied to the body, along with hot medicated oils. MuttaKizhi is very effective in facial paralysis and hemiplegia This treatment has to be done for 45 minutes per day for a period of 7 to 14 days.


White sand, rock salt and special minerals with lemon and herbs are filled in linen bags, thee bags are heated on a dry pan and applied all over the body. The bagsare tapped and massaged in the affected areas to reduceedema, swellings, and pain. It helps with aggravated Kaphadosha, and therefore, can reduce weight and cellulite. This therapy is very useful in Ama conditions, rheumatic fever, where oil application aggravates the pain.

Janu Vasti

In JanuVasthi a compartment with black gram flour is built around the knee joint and luke warm medicated herbal oil as prescribed by the doctor is poured into this compartment over your knee joint. This simple therapy is very effective for knee pains caused due to Osto Arthritis. It also provides great relief to patients with general knee pain and improves the functioning of the knee joints.

Greeva Vasti

In Sanskrit the word Greeva refers to neck. The patient is made to lie face down on the Droni and warm medicated oil is allowed to stand on the vertebrate of neck with the help of a compartment made of black gram flour, this procedure is called the Greeva Vasti; here Vasti stands for a container. After removing the oil the area is massaged gently to provide relief. This procedure is very useful in maintaining normal structure and working of neck region and alleviates pain and stiffness in neck and shoulder pain.

SOOTHIKA CHARYA ( Post natal care)

SootikaCharya is a comforting post natal massage. The physical discomfort and pains are relieved with the help of this therapy. It also helps, to relax and rejuvenate your emotional state. The body, mind and soul are nurtured and rejuvenated. This Post natal Massage may help in many ways; it restores the pelvic structure, supports healthy lactation, lessens the stress level, relieves the neck and shoulder back pain and aids the healing process

Manjal Kizhi

In this ayurvedic therapy turmeric paste mixed with other medicated herbs and oils are tied in a linen bag and placed in the area of the body that needs to be treated. This is followed by gentle massage. This treatment is very effective in arthritic condition where swelling and inflammation is present.

Thakradhara Dhara with Buttermilk)

In this Therapy buttermilk is mixed with decoction of Amalaka and some other medicines. The preparation of this buttermilk requires special care. Here the ayurvedic practitioners boil milk and medicines and add little curd keep it overnight, it is then churned and shirodhara is done with that buttermilk The patient is made to lie supine on wooden bed, his neck and head placed in a comfortable position. A nonstop, continuous stream of this decoction is made to drop gently on the forehead from a particular height through a specially made apparatus for a period of 45 minutes. This therapy is very effective in cases of memory loss, severe headache, insanity, Migraine, Hair falling, Premature greying of hair, Skin diseases like psoriasis etc.


Ksheeradhoomama is a special treatment method and is fomentation method with medicated cow milk. The patient is treated with the dhooma or steam coming from the heated cow milk through a tube. The cow milk is mixed with a ingredients primed from suitable ayurvedic herbs and medicines depending on the patient’s need and heated. The steam coming out of this milk is made to pass through a tube and is smeared over the affected part of the patient’s body. This procedure is highly effective in cases of facial paralysis, speech disorder, spastic disorders and other nervous disorders.


A specially prepared paste consisting of various medicinal herbs is applied to the crown region for about 20 to 45 minutes. This therapy gives relief from mental tension, ENT related disorders improves memory and brings about a general well-being and relaxation.

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