Royal Villas
Considering its professionally designed interiors, quality construction, high-class facilities and comfort-laden amenities, the Royal Villa comes at a surprisingly affordable price. A Royal Villa is an accommodation choice that takes you into an authentic regal lifestyle where the interiors, facilities & amenities make you feel like a true Royal. In no other place can you live the dream of ancient royalty in the lap of modern holistic luxury!
Room Names & Numbers
Chothi 301 Makam 208
Pooram 305 Rohini 304
Thriketta 110 Punartham 207
Moolam 109 Utharam 209
Atham 212 Anizham 108
Tariff (INR)
Single Double
20,300.00 32,200.00
Tax (INR)
Single Double
840.00 960.00