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Things to do

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Kerala, The pris tine land of Golden beaches, Coconut palms, Hills, Backwaters… has lots of fun and excitement loaded for everyone visiting her. Come and be part of one of the most beautiful slice of land-'God's Own Country'. Kerala is a heavenly portrait splashed with myriad of enchanting hues. Situated in the southern tip of India, Kerala is caressed by the Arabian Sea in the western coast of India. It is a green Venice, but unlike Venice, where man has created most of the glory, in Kerala nature rules. This beautiful coastal state of India is the country's ambassador to the world of travel and tourism. From the lagoons & backwaters that meander through the enchanting landscapes, to the rich and colorful culture & heritage that weave a tapestry of tourism delights, Kerala is a dream holiday destination of India.
Kerala,The pristine land of Golden beaches, Coconut palms, Hills, Backwaters.... Come and be part of one of the most beautiful slice of land-'God's Own Country'.

There are multiple places in this world that boast of scenic views and breathtaking panoramas. A lot of these places are just overhyped touristy places that have capitalised on the strong wave of globalisation and are riding it to further enhance their appeal. However, there are some places that are God's gift to mankind. These places look like they are just taken out from a fairy tale, full of beauty and charm and poignant memories.

Kerala, the southern- most state of the Indian landmass is one of those places that are God's way of blessing us. With its amazing assortment of flora and fauna coupled with its lush mountains as well as sprawling plains make this place truly remarkable. What is more amazing is the absolute lavishness that nature has endowed this place with. Apart from being God's own garden, Kerala also offers different types of activities that are designed to keep people engaged. Among these things to do in Kerala, many are exclusive to this state only.

Kerala is adorned with beautiful forests and sparkling water systems. A drive through the vast canopy of Pala trees exhilarating your own spirit, or enjoying the serenity of a houseboat tour is among the various things that this state has to offer. No wonder this is the place with the highest growing rate of visiting tourists. It is truly an experience of a lifetime.

Map Of India
Map Of Kerala
Palakkad, Kerela
Map Of Palakkad
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In the heart of the town you will find the well-preserved Tipu Fort, built by Haider Ali of Mysore in 1766 AD, and later renovated by Tipu Sultan. One of the oldest Hanuman Temples in India is situated in the same compound. Another famous destination is Kalpathy, one of the ancient ‘Brahmin Agraharams’, or ‘priestly quarters’ of Kerala, located in the heart of the town. ‘Ratholsavam’ festival is held there in mid-November.
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Cultural Attractions
The cultural heritage of Kerala is revealed in its varied dance forms, martial arts and cuisine. The most famous dance style of Kerala, if not India, is Kathakali. This complicated dance form incorporates hand movements and intricate facial expressions, as well as ornate costume, to portray stories from Indian mythology. Kathakali is now extremely popular all over the world, and attracts many international students wishing to train in Kerala.
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Palakkad celebrates many traditional and religious festivals. Among them is Pattambi Nercha, which attracts devotees from all corners of the state. Pattambi Nercha is held in memory of Aloor Valiy Pookunj Koya Thangal, the Muslim saint of South Malabar, and occurs January-February. At this time, the town is illuminated brilliantly and hosts a pageant replete with traditional musical ensembles like ‘Panchavadyam’ and ‘Thayambaka’ in the evening.
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