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Each of our luxury villas is based on the ancient edicts of ‘Vaastu Shastra’, the Indian version of feng shui, as outlined in ancient scripture. This provides our guests with the ultimate Ayurveda or Yoga villa retreat in the setting of Kerala’s most authentic Vedic community.
Find the ideal room for you
  • 107, 202 - Classic Villa
  • 203 - Deluxe Villa
  • 304 - Royal Villa
  • 206 - Classic Villa
  • 207 - Royal Villa
  • 210 - Classic Villa
  • 205 - Deluxe Villa
  • 208, 305 - Royal Villa
  • 209 - Deluxe Villa
  • 212 - Royal Villa
  • 211 - Deluxe Villa
  • 301 - Royal Villa
  • 206 - Classic Villa
  • 108 - Classic Villa
  • 110 - Royal Villa
  • 104 - Deluxe Villa
  • 101 - Classic Villa
  • 103, 102, 206 - All Classic Villa
  • 106, 303 - All Classic Villa
  • 302 - Classic Villa
  • 105 - Deluxe Villa
Special Offer
Special Offer

Deluxe Villa

Set among the serenity of our retreat community, the luxury elegance of this villa style allows you to surrender yourself entirely to the warmth and natural beauty of the habitat. Each of our Deluxe Villas includes air-conditioning, telephone, bath and shower. Our Deluxe-style Villas enhance the peaceful and rejuvenating experience of our Yoga and Ayurveda retreats in Kerala, India.

Tariff (INR)
Single Double
15,400.00 27,300.00
Tax (INR)
Single Double
490.00 630.00

Classic Villa

Occupying a slightly larger space than the deluxe style villa, our classic villas sit beside the gentle stream that flows through the Ayurvedic Healing Village; providing a backdrop of tranquility and calm in the lap of nature. The constant murmur of the flowing water helps you to relax and make the most of the exceptional comforts offered by your accommodation choice. As a larger villa, the classic style has the added luxury of a small seating area, allowing you to sit back and absorb the natural beauty of your surroundings.

Tariff (INR)
Single Double
17,500.00 29,400.00
Tax (INR)
Single Double
700.00 840.00

Royal Villa

Considering its professionally designed interiors, quality construction, high-class facilities and comfort-laden amenities, the Royal Villa comes at a surprisingly affordable price. A Royal Villa is an accommodation choice that takes you into an authentic regal lifestyle where the interiors, facilities & amenities make you feel like a true Royal. In no other place can you live the dream of ancient royalty in the lap of modern holistic luxury!

Tariff (INR)
Single Double
20,300.00 32,200.00
Tax (INR)
Single Double
980.00 1,120.00

Maharaja Suite

Maharaja means “Emperor”, which promises a luxury villa of an unsurpassable standard. If you felt like a Royal in our Royal Villa, you will feel like an Emperor here! The Maharaja villa was designed with luxury in mind in every detail from the King-size beds, elegant décor and beautiful private lawn situated next to the swimming pool or river. It offers everything you need for private luxury, including a refrigerator, coffee maker and hair-drier.

Tariff (INR)
Single Double
31,500.00 42,000.00
Tax (INR)
Single Double
2,100.00 2,100.00