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FAQ's & Downloads

FAQs and downloads is an important part as it caters to every possible questions with relevant answers.

1. Is it mandatory to have a Vaccination Certificate for staying in the retreat?
Yes, Vaccination Certificate is mandatory for staying in the retreat. This is for the safety of our guests and staff.
2. How many days shall i plan to stay in the retreat?
In case you are planning for Relaxation / Wellness Pacakge, minimum of 3 Nights stay is required but if you are willing to avail Rejuvenation Treatment or Stress Treatment,you have to plan for 7 nights stay. However, If you are willinng to avail a treatment for a specific ailment, then you have to send your reports and accordingly our doctor will suggest the duration of the treatment. Generally 2 weeks stay is required for availing specific treatments.
3. How does a typical day look like? What is my daily routine?
Our Guests choose to come here to get their wellness objectives fulfilled. To achieve this goal, the consulting doctors prepares a schedule for each & every client depending upon their respective body constitutions and their ailments. This schedule/routine helps you to utilize the most out of the time at the Kairali Healing Village. As this schedule helps you build better daily habits, you notice an enhancement in your physical and mental health. The activities here include everything from morning rituals like Kriya/Yoga classes, therapy schedule, consultation timings, group classes/sessions on Ayurveda/Yoga/Meditation and Demonstration of Ayurveda Cooking followed by Meditation session in the evening.
4. Is there any retreat/programme for the family?
Our retreats are personalised to the individual needs. So when the family travels together, each individual in the family is consulted by our doctors and advised the best suited program to achieve their health goals. You can connect with our team to discuss your specific objective, and we can then create a personalised family program for each & every family member.
5. My health goal is different from the goal of my partner. Can we book different packages & stay together?

Yes absolutely.

Kairali Health Retreat recognises that each individual is unique and is at a different stage of their health journey – within their physical, mind and spirit body.

Each programme starts with a consultation with the Doctor. We encourage you to share your health objective so that the doctor can personalise the suitable programme for you.

The prices of packages vary.

6. What happens if I do not have enough days as required for the programme?

Kairali Ayurveda Healing village has been created to offer result oriented health programmes. If you don’t have enough days as per the programme then the following is possible…

If you are not able to come for the minimum days required for the programme, then you can visit for the required number of days and cosnult our Ayurvedic Doctor for your treatment and they will provide you the solution through Ayurvedic Oral Medication. Apparently, The number of days is always dependent on your requirements and your body constitution.

7. Can my package be changed after arrival?
Yes, your package can be changed after consultation with our Ayurvedic Physician based on your ailments and your respective body constitution upon your arrival or even during your stay depending upon your conditions. Our Doctor will help you choose the program that’s best for you.
8. Is there any single-day package available? Are you a day spa?

Yes, we have a Single Day Package known as Consultation Package, wherein you can visit for Consultation with our Doctor and stay for 1 night. No, we are not a day spa. We have the health programmes have a minimum duration of 3, 7 and 14 Nights. The maximum number of nights depending upon the ailment of each & every patient.

There is however an introductory package (Preventive & Regenerative Program) that includes the room charges, 3 vegetarian meals a day, One Ayurveda Treatment session per day per person and morning Yoga and evening meditation. This package is of a minimum of 3 nights stay.

9. Can I book a retreat for specific health symptoms?

Yes, most of our guests seek us and book their programme to treat their specific ailments or symptoms.

We advise you to connect with our team to initiate a personal discussion with the Doctor (prior to your booking). The Doctors and our team can then further assist you, in explaining our wellness approach, and treatment protocol for your ailment, along with a recommended duration of stay for the programme.

10. How can Kairali's Retreat benefit me?
Kairali Ayurvedic Health Retreat is a word synonymous with wellness. Here you for a healthy way of living, as you learn to take to healthy habit forming & lifestyle transformations. The programme begins with Doctor consultations, diagnosis and physical assessments. All these enable our Doctor to plan a day of cleansing rituals, yoga, meditation, and healing ayurveda therapies. As you participate in all these along with a prescribed diet plan and natural supplementation, you find yourself improving mentally and physically. When you check out, you take home a regime and diet plan, so as to be able to continue this wellness journey.
11. What is the duration of therapies
Most of the therapies last from 30 to 90 minutes dependig upon the prescription of doctors.
12. How much weight can I lose at Kairali Ayurvedic Health Retreat?
Our weight loss programme is one of the promient programmes opted at Kairali Health Retreat. Since weight is usually an indicator of other stress points/issues in our bio-system, the weight loss programme varies for every individual depending upon their respective Body Constitutions and Nature of Obesity. Hence, we don’t guarantee or mention how much weight loss one will be achieved; but we can assure you the best results at Kairali.
13. Who can guide me in choosing the right wellness package?
We advise you to connect with our team to initiate a personal discussion with the Doctor (prior to your booking). The Doctors and our team can then further assist you, in explaining our wellness approach, and treatment protocol for your ailment, along with a recommended duration of stay for the programme. Our customer care no. is +91-9555156156
14. Do I need an rtPCR Test even if I am completely vaccinated (Have taken both the doses of the COVID Vaccine)?

The RTPCR test is mandatory prior to arrival. This swab should be collected not more than 72 hours prior to arrival. Guests are advised to avoid socialising once the test has been conducted, and upto their arrival at Ayurvedic Health Retreat.

COVID Advisory: Guests are advised to not leave their home once the test has been conducted. We reserve the right to validate the authenticity of the RTPCR test. If the test is found to be edited / false, then your admission request will stand cancelled & will not qualify for any refund. We only accept tests from a certified ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) laboratory.

As per our COVID Safety protocol, RTPCR test is also mandatory for all those who have been completely vaccinated as well (completed their 2nd dose of COVID vaccine).

15. Where can I get more information on the inclusions and benefits of each programme?
You can download the list of all the packages - DOWNLOAD
16. What is the Payment & Cancellation policy?
You can read about our Payments & cancellation policy T&C’s after Treatment Packages.
17. What is a Retreat Programme details & Prices?
You can download the list of all the packages - DOWNLOAD
18. Where can I leave a review or recommendation?
We will highly appreciate if you can provide us a review on Google, Tripadvisor or recommendation on Facebook and Instagram
19. I have come across wrong information showcased. How can I report this?
Oops!! We apologies for any incorrect information, it shouldn’t have been here in the first place. Please get in touch with us at info@kairali.com or call us at +91-9555156156 and we will ressolve this on PRIORITY.
20. How do the treatments at Kairali Healing Village work?
Upon your arrival the doctor would conduct a consultation with you, he/she would understand your prakriti (i.e. your body’s metabolic constitution, composition, “dosha”, and natural tendencies) as well as your vikruti (i.e. your ailments, your imbalances, your pains and symptoms). He/she would then create a customized treatment plan depending on your requirement, your duration of stay and your intensity of ailment. This treatment plan can include a list of Ayurvedic treatments, suggesting personalised Ayurveda Diet, Internal Ayurvedic Medicines with Yoga & Meditation for theraupatic healing process – each will have tweaks depending on what is needed. The list of possible treatments includes: https://www.ayurvedichealingvillage.com/ayurvedic-treatments.aspx – you will also have the opportunity to discuss with the doctor treatments that you are interested in, and if feasible it can be included. For e.g. some guests want to just relax & destress so they request more of abhyangam massages.
21. Is Wi-Fi provided at the property?
Yes, there is Wi-Fi at the property which can be used in Lobby Area only. We use Railwire Wi-Fi – they are not always the fastest connection; however they work well to manage basic emails and messages to friends and family. Our Doctors highly recommend you to avoid the digital world.
22. Is there a swimming pool in the property?
Yes, we have a swimming pool in the property with seating and towels available for you to use. Usage of pool is subject to Doctor's recommendation especially for treatment patients & subject to safety protocols.
23. Is Kairali Health Retreat meant for solo female travelers?
Yes, Kairali Health Retreat is a safe haven, and we have a lot of single women visiting our retreat for relaxing, holistic environment, peaceful surroundings and friendly staff – we have even hosted Women’s Only Retreats at Ayurvedic Healing Hillage. We are sure you will find your stay with us especially positive for your body, mind and soul.
24. Does the resort only serve vegetarian or do we have the option of eating non-veg as well?
While Ayurveda encourages vegetarian. It focuses on the right balance of food as we do at Kairali too. Our doctors prescribe the Ayurveda Diet and we highly suggest you to follow the diet recommended by our Doctors. Rest assured, most of the food served is from our organic farms.
25. Would a 21-night stay have more effect than a 7-night stay?
In all honesty, absolutely, yes. It will give you more time to clear your toxins and to get more effect from the therapies. Something we always tell our guests is that your wellness journey could possibly start at Kairali Health Retreat, but must continue after your stay with us too. So, take time to learn the right habits and carry them forward to your daily routine even after leaving our retreat. The longer time you spend with us, the more the effect & more are the chances of taking good habits back with you. However, having said that, we understand that life gets busy, and so we try to make sure that our 7 night package teaches you and gives you all it can in a shorter span of time.
26. What does Ayurvedic treatment cost?
The prices for Ayurvedic treatments depends from person toperson basedon their ailments. They can be found on the Related treatment Pages. You can also download the List of packages with all the cost. DOWNLOAD
27. I want treatment for specific symptoms. How can I find the right treatment package?
If you are looking for the treatment for a specific ailments , you have to send us your case history & reports in advance. Our team will diiscuss with our ayurvedic doctors and suggest the treatment plan accordingly. we have certain fixed package on our website for some specific ailments but in case you are unable to find them, Please contact our team and they will provide you the right information, In case doctor consultation is required to analysi the case, will arrange a tele consultation with the panel of doctors. However, if there is no specific treatment package for your clinical symptoms, as a general rule, the Body Purification program is the correct choice, which is done through Ayurvedic Panchakarma, as most of the problems are due to accummulation of toxins in the body and imbalance of the Dosha's. This Program detoxifies the toxins from the body and balance the dosha's to give you healthy body, mind & soul. For more information please call us at +91-9555156156
28. I want to undergo Ayurvedic treatment for preventative purposes. Which treatment package is the right one to choose?
Depending on the desired focus of your treatment, you should consider the Rejuvenation and Detoxification Package, the External Body Purification Package . The Rejuvenation and Detoxification Package is particularly targeted at enhancing well-being. It is not an internal purification treatment which is aimed at bringing your doshas into balance. The Body Purification Package is the classic Ayurvedic treatment, aimed at restoring the balance. The Skin Care Package is the right Ayurvedic treatment for you if you also want to improve your face & body complexion.
29. How do I get a visa?
Contact the Indian consulate or use a visa service. The official website for visa applications can be found here: Indian Visa Online by the Government of India. In case you are willing to avail any treatment for your specific ailment, in that case you can apply for Medical visa.
30. How do I book?
It’s quite simple. You will find the relevant treatments under: “Ayurvedic treatments“. You have to select a treatment Package from our website by cllicking "BOOK NOW" Button? Then continue with accommodation category of your choice: Make a selection* When do you want to travel? Select your desired dates and you will receive a non-binding, personalised offer. click on offer, pay online and your booking is done. In case of any difficulty, you can contact our Teamon info@kairali.com. For offers & customized packages, please call at +91-9555156156
31. How is Kairali - The Ayurvedic healing Village different from all other Wellness provider?
Kairali - The Ayurvedic healing Village is the only one-stop wellness destination offering health solutions where Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation and Indian Wellness programs are practiced. We offer the best in class flexibility to choose wellness programs and book them online (without any intermediaries). Choose a rejuvenating 21-day's Detox program in the midst of nature in Kerala, we have something for you and your loved ones. Also, Kairali is Accredited with Green Leaf Certification by Government of Kerala and with NABH Certification by Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India.
32. I am not sure which package to buy. Could you guide us on the treatment I require?
Yes of course! Kairali provides a wealth of information on various wellness and health issues which will help you in deciding on the right package or the treatment at the right centre. We have a team of Wellness Advisors and Ayurvedic Doctors who can guide you in the right direction.
33. Is there a way to find good deals and packages on Kairali Health Retreat?
Always remember to check with our customer service team for best deals and bargains. Call us at +91-9555156156
34. Do you have Blogs where I can read more about Ayurveda & Yoga?
Yes Of Course, we have an informative blog website http://whyayurveda.org/ to read and understand more about how Ayurveda can help in serious ailments, rejuvenation and detox. Now that you have planned your trip to India, find out everything you need to know about the different categories of Yoga & Ayurveda Retreats.
35. How do I know my reservation was booked?

Once a booking is made, you will receive an email verifying booking details and a booking ID number. Kairali checks the availability and reverts within 72 hours. If the villa is available for the period that you had requested, your booking will be approved, and you shall receive an email notification confirming the same. The email will also provide you a secure link to a payment gateway and you may proceed to make payment.<.p>

Please note : Only on advance payment reservation will be confirmed.

36. What are your T&C’s and Privacy Policy? Where can I read about it more?
You can read about our T&C’s in here https://www.ayurvedichealingvillage.com/privacy-policy.aspx
37. What payment methods are available?
Packages can be booked using your credit or debit card. We accept all VISA, Master and American Express cards. International credit cards are also supported. To pay using your credit card, you will need your credit card number, card expiry date, 3-digit CVV number (Card Verification Value, found on the back of your credit card) and an online 3D secure password. After entering the first three details, you will be redirected to the bank's page for entering the online 3D secure password. Kairali will never ask your credit card credentials or OTP or any financial information.
38. Are payments safe?
Yes of course! You can be assured of safe online transactions on Kairali website. Customers will receive an email confirming payment, once transaction is completed. Kairali does not store any passwords, giving you the added assurance of booking online with us.
39. How do I confirm my booking?
Upon confirmation on availability & Payment the booking will be confirmed. Live booking is coming soon.
40. How do I cancel my booking?
For cancellations, you can reach us at +91-9555156156 or +91-8826021116 or email us at info@kairali.com
41. What if I do not find my questions in here?
For any further information or assistance, you can reach us at +91-9555156156 or +91-8826021116 or email us at info@kairali.com
42. Feel 'stuck' and unable to move forward?
Please feel free to contact us at any time, we are here for you. For any information or assistance, you can reach us at +91-9555156156 or +91-8826021116 or email us at info@kairali.com
43. What is the emergency helpline number?
Emergency helpline number for Police is 100 from any phone devices in India. mand 222 for the emergency at the retreat.
44. How safe is it for women in India?

It is a perception and bit of an overhype with crime in India but there is a vast difference between reality and perception. Our team of experts will provide tips to take certain precautionary measures that will be good to keep in mind. Please remember that it is your much-deserved Wellness trip and enjoy it to the fullest and don’t let anything dampen your spirits.

Disclaimer- Please, kindly remember Kairali Health Retreat cannot take responsibility of any of your personal actions or decision-making process.

45. Do you have lizards? Mosquitos?
As beautiful as India is, being a tropical country, it comes with certain flora & fauna that needs to be admired and enjoyed. Please be assured that all our retreats have measures in place like various mosquito and ayurvedic insect repellents which are very well equipped to take care of you and drive insects away in all possible ways. Don’t be intimidated and let your decisions be based upon what you read. Experience it to believe it!
46. Do I need to buy bottled water over the counter?
We provide both Mineral and Herbal Warm Water in your room. However, the Mineral Water is limited but the Herbal Water is unlimited. We recomend Herbal Water more instead of Mineral Water.
47. I want to share pictures from my trip, how can I do it?
You can share your images in our Tripadvisor, Instagram and FB page, link in here: https://www.facebook.com/KairaliTheAyurvedicHealingVillage
48. Do you have facilities for differently abled guests?
Yes Our property is equipped for differently abled guests.
49. Are there spiritual activities?
we have yoga and meditation classes. Also, a library, so you can grab a book, go for a walk and introspect.
50. Are there places to go for walks and be in nature?
There are plenty of places to walk around the property including long walk way path along the water streeam, nature walks & village walks. Please ask our front office for more information.
51. Are all treatment room airconditioned?
Yes, all our Villa's have individual air conditioners.
52. What kind of holistic treatment is provided at Kairali?

For physical wellness, Kairali’s Ayurvedic treatments includes therapies, food and yoga.

For mental wellness, Kairali provides a sanctuary from daily stresses, a calming and peaceful environment and happy staff that’s ever present to assist the guest in the way the guest needs. Checking in is made extremely easy and there is no thought given to spending any more money after you have made your booking as everything is included. The property supports this as it is tucked away by the riverside & is made using clean, soothing & elegant interiors.

For spiritual wellness, our yoga, meditation and ambience with no Wi-Fi, no TV and private libraries gives guests a true chance at switching off and reconnecting with themselves. The property’s greenery surroundings give guests a chance to connect with nature and introspect.

53. Which airport do I have to book my flight to and who collects me at the airport ?
Coimbatore is the closest Airport, which is 75 kilometers from our healing village and takes about 80 minutes to reach by car. The closest International Airport is Kochi, which is 125 Kilometers from our healing village and takes about 3 hours to reach by car. We have the inhouse facility for transfers to & from the airports for our clients on chargable basis.
54. When do I have to be at the airport for my return flight ?
For your return flight, please make sure that you obtain confirmation of your flight at least three days before your departure. Our reception will be happy to help you.
55. Do you offer airport pick up and drop off?
Yes, we offer airport pick--up and drop-off and there is a nominal charge for the same. Once we are provided with your arrival flight number, our chauffeur shall be at the airport terminal with a sign board holding your name.
56. What food should I expect at Kairali - The Ayurvedic Healing Village?

Our restaurant has Ayurvedic inspired cuisine with a curated menu on seasonality and based on doctor’s consultation and guest’s type of body.

Our chef makes wholesome healthy cuisine, with a focus on getting your radiance back and having your energy levels soar, not just losing weight and toning up your muscles. Our flavors are never bland, and we make each of our meals with the purpose of delighting and satiating our guests.

Each meal is freshly prepared for each guest at the time the meal is requested. Our ingredients are fresh and locally sourced or from our own organic garden. We supplement our menu with fresh pressed juices, and healthy “paani” to detoxify and reenergize you. We never use any preservatives and never serve any refrigerated food.

57. Is the diet/food here vegetarian or vegan?

The Kairali cuisine philosophy is based on the truth,‘let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food’ as said by Hippocrates, the Father Of Medicine. For your healing purposes, we serve fine dining vegetarian meals. Our guests especially enjoy how the food served here is nutritious, healthy food, and also with incredible variety and taste. The meals are personalised to suit your dietary needs, allergies and preferences.

Yes, we also serve vegan meals to our guests as per the request

Apart from the above, we also serve Jain food, in case it is required by some of our Jain guests.

2021 World Spa Awards
India's Best Wellness Retreat 2021
Kairali – The Ayurvedic Healing Village, P.O. - Olassery, Kodumbu, Palakkad Dist. - 678551, Kerala (INDIA)
19 May 2021 to 08 Sep 2021
Kairali - The Ayurvedic Healing Village An Ayurvedic Health Retreat amid the picturesque environment of God’s Own Country.
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