Maharaja Suite

Maharaja in English means ‘Emperor’. As the name itself implies, it is a villa of supreme standard. A notch above the Royal Villa, in a Maharaja Suite, one feels like an Emperor. It comprises of two separate rooms, one fitted with a king-size bed. Built solely with luxury in mind, every little detail of these rooms, from the bed linen to the beautiful sit-out on the lawn around the pool or river, has been carefully planned. Each suite is conveniently located next to all the Resort facilities, and each room comes replete with beautifully packaged Ayurvedic wonders including soaps, shampoos and other cosmetics, for your personal use. Electronic devices including an entertainment system, refrigerator, hair dryer and coffee maker all contribute to ones creature comforts.

Furnished with the most exotic pieces of furniture and decorated with embellishments of the highest skills, this suite is essentially a palace situated in an Ayurvedic resort. With king sized beds and elegant décor, it reminds us of the ancient seats of mighty kings who ruled all over India. To further augment its beauty, this wellness destination comes equipped with its own personal lawn which is situated next to a swimming pool or a river. With these custom amenities available, a private environment is guaranteed which is the ideal way to mediate and enjoy the scenic beauties of the surrounding. Not only that, but this suite is rigged with a variety of technological assortments such as refrigerators and coffee makers to ensure complete privacy, all for an affordable price.

Looking back at the options that we had, we find that Deluxe villas were imbued with top notch luxury standards that were aimed at appeasing the desire for fine living with a dash of Ayurveda. Moving forward, we came across Royal villas where every regal standard were already present and it gave us a peek into the style of medieval luxury living. However, the Maharaja suite is something against which all the former villas fade away in an instant. Maharaja means an Emperor, a man who rules countries. In a certain country, there is no single man who is above an Emperor and that’s why, his abode is without doubt, unparalleled.

Room Names & Numbers
Brahmalaya 1001 Vishnuavalaya 1002
Tariff (INR)
Villa Single (Per Night) Double (Per Night)
Maharaja Suite 29,568.00 29,568.00
All Meals (Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner) 2,950.00 5,900.00
Treatment 7,080.00 14,160.00
Total 39,598.00 49,628.00
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