Royal Villas

Considering its professional and detailed designed interiors, quality construction, high-class facilities and comfort-laden amenities, the Royal Villa comes at a surprisingly affordable price. A Royal Villa, as its name suggests, sets out a truly royal experience. The plush interiors, high-quality facilities and array of amenities all contribute towards a lifetime-experience. In reality it fully satisfies the inherent desire of every person to indulge their physical being, and heightened senses in a ‘royal’ style of living.

Working along the same tracks, this Ayurvedic villa at Kairali is designed by some of the best world-class interior designers with the style of those medieval palaces in mind. It boasts of its quality and an atmosphere filled with comfort and serenity. What is even more surprising than the inclusion of all this royalty is the fact that this accommodations is available at surprisingly affordable fees. With a nominal fee, anyone can enjoy the regal lifestyle by which nobles used to live and experience the comfort and satisfaction of living in a miniature palace. This villa is really unique for it offers such fine living in the midst of holistic Ayurvedic lifestyle. These exorbitant Royal Villas has the classiest furniture, the most exquisite amenities, and a plethora of tools at their disposal. The Royal Villas are the personification of a lifestyle that suits people of noble inheritance.

Room Names & Numbers
Anizham 108 Moolam 109
Thriketta 110 Punartham 207
Makam 208 Utharam 209
Atham 212 Rohini 304
Pooram 305
Tariff (INR)
Villa Single (Per Night) Double (Per Night)
Deluxe 12,544.00 14,336.00
All Meals (Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner) 2,950.00 5,900.00
Treatment 7,080.00 14,160.00
Total 22,574.00 34,396.00
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