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Ananda Lahari Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat

Ananda Lahari Retreat
Ananda – Happiness Lahari – Wave

The Wave of Happiness
Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat, Kerala, INDIA

7th - 14th February 2018

In our daily lives we have to deal and manage many situations, be it family, professional, relationships or other responsibilities. This retreat is designed to equip you to deal with life and these situations joyously and effortlessly.

Through the application of Ayurveda and the practice and wisdom of Yoga, you will bring the body and mind into alignment and balance within yourself, others and your environment. These ancient practices offer solutions to better manage our modern day lifestyle and provide a framework for you to explore life and live life to its fullest potential.

The Ananda Lahari Retreat offers the opportunity to join an authentic and exciting spiritual journey in India and create a world filled with love, light and laughter.

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What is this Journey?

The Ananda Lahari Retreat is a path to wellness through healing, self-discovery and transformation of the mind and body. It is suited to yoga practitioners and teachers of all levels who wish to deepen their practice and discover ultimate health, well-being and connection to their true nature.

Our authentic full immersion program spans 7 days in the beautiful Kairali Ayurvedic Healing Village in Kerala. Over a week you will experience yogic living in its entirety: from sunrise meditations and asana practice, discussions on vedanta and philosophy, yoga nidra, sanskrit and tantra rituals as well as ayurvedic diet and daily massages and treatments, you will fully integrate the yogic way of living into your own life.

This personal journey will help you explore ancient wisdom and practices and then integrate their application back into your daily life. It is likely to be one of the most powerful experiences for the future health and well-being of your mind, body and soul. Not only will you improve your health and well-being but you will also deepen your self and universal knowledge, form life-long connections, friendships and make many lasting memories.

Where will this Journey Take Me?

Kairali Ayurvedic Healing Village
Palakkad, Kerala

The Kairali Ayurvedic Ayurvedic Healing Village was selected among the top 50 wellness destinations of the world by National Geographic Traveller.

The village is situated in Palakkad, just a few kilometers from the world’s biggest mountain pass between Kerala and Tamil Nadu. This award winning spa and retreat facility is nestled in luscious landscape of 600 coconut palms..

Time spent at this unique paradise will allow you to experience the authentic healing practices of ancient India, while relaxing in the lap of modern holistic luxury.

Kairali - The Ayurvedic Healing Village

What Will I Experience?

Daily Ayurvedic Massage + Treatments

Daily Ayurvedic Massage + Treatments

The meaning of ‘Ayur’ is life, and ‘Veda’ means knowledge, so Ayurveda means ‘knowledge of the science of life’.

You will experience a full program of authentic Ayurvedic therapies, which work to create balance between body, mind and soul. A team of Ayurvedic doctors will analyse your health and decide on the best rejuvenation programme for the week. It could be Abhyangam massages (where two masseurs simultaneously and rhythmically massage you with herbal oils) or other specific treatments like the dhaara to bring out the perfect well-being and restore balance in you.

Our workshops on Ayurveda and the tour of Kairali’s Ayurvedic Medicine Factory will provide you with a foundation in knowledge about Ayurveda’s application in modern day life.

Yoga + Meditation

Yoga + Meditation

Yoga is the twin sister of Ayurveda. In the most literal sense, the word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word yuj, which means “to join” or “unite”. It is the unity of the body, mind and soul, and the connection between the individual self and consciousness.

Kairali village is the perfect place for anyone wanting to dig deeper into the realm of yoga and its history as well as its working principles and application to modern day life. The retreat will cover beginner to advanced workshops integrating yoga philosophy, vedanta, sanskrit, tantra and meditation. When we learn to integrate these principles into our life with awareness we can take a united approach to build a lifestyle of true health and longevity.

Yogic Philosophy + Vedanta Workshops

Yogic Philosophy + Vedanta Workshops

The 5,000 year old + philosophy and wisdom of yoga is vast. Through workshops we will help you decipher the ancient philosophies and apply them to your everyday life.

Expand your knowledge on vedanta, yogic philosophy, kundalini, meditation, sanskrit and tantra.

Each workshop will be an open discussion and exploration of concepts with practical guidelines for application to your life back home so you can begin to integrate yoga more fully into your lifestyle.

Kairali - The Ayurvedic Healing Village

Who will be my Guides on this Journey?

Meet Lea & Ranjith!

They share a bond which unites in a space where philosophy and ancient wisdom meet modern day life. They blend these elements to create personal wellness practices that all yogis can integrate into their lives in order to bring a sense of true connection, better health, balance and purpose.

The have a down to earth approach to teaching and a fun attitude to living.

They share a passion for well-being and have combined knowledge and expertise to create this unique journey to enrich others’ lives through the application of age-old Indian traditions and practices so that they can create more balance, fulfilment and happiness.

You can read more about Lea & Ranjith here.

Lea and Ranjith

How Will Each Day Run?

A typical day would involve:

Sunrise meditation.

Dina Chayra – morning ayurvedic rituals to cultivate wellbeing and prepare for the day.

Patanjali Smaran –A guided practice of expressing gratitude to the fore fathers of the Yoga tradition in a form of a yagna.

A Vinyasa yoga flow designed to move every muscle in the body.

Yogic breakfast.

Ayurvedic consultation with massage or treatment i.e. an abhyanga massage designed to detoxify the body. The doctors decide on the oils to be used. They are always medicinal oils extracted from herbs and have immense health benefits.

Yogic lunch

Self Time

A workshop on the authentic texts of Yoga

Rejuv Yoga – A signature yoga flow aimed at rejuvenating the nadis.

Dusk Prayer

Group Dinner

Lunar Meditation / Yoga Nidra – The art of yogic sleep

Is this Journey Right for Me?

This journey will be a truly incredible experience if you:

Currently or have previously practised yoga and wish to gain a better insight into the philosophy of yoga and more fully integrate its teachings and practice into your lifestyle.

Will enjoy participating in daily yoga (asana) classes, meditation and yoga nidra sessions

Have an interest in learning more about Sanskrit, kundalini and the chakras.

Want to travel to India but aren’t interested in the “touristy” stuff

Looking for a bit of a detox – all meals at Kairali are chef-prepared multi-courses, vegetarian nourishing goodness!

Are happy to take time out, lounge in a hammock under a coconut tree, swim in the pool, or read a book and sip masala chai on your veranda.

Are keen to connect with a community.

Want to learn more about Ayurveda, visit an Ayurvedic factory and experience a treatment and steam bath every day!

Have an open mind, willingness to learn and a great sense of humour and are ready for a week of learning, relaxation, connection and fun.

But this journey may not be the right experience for you if you:

Aren’t reallly that “into” Yoga or Ayurveda

Want to be where all the tourists are and do what the tourists usually do

Want to go shopping (but you could do this before or after your retreat)

Want to see more than one location in India (but you could extend and do this before or after your retreat)

Won’t enjoy a vegetarian only diet for 7 days.

Don’t like music, yoga, laughter, connecting with people or having fun!

What Does this Journey Cost?

Our intention is to make these journeys accessible to most so our aim is to deliver these programs at a reasonable cost.

The 7 night / 8 day immersion includes accomodation in a single room, 3 chef-prepared vegetarian meals, daily massage and treatments, yoga and meditation classes and workshops, return transfers from Cochin and much more...

The fees can be paid in full, or you can arrange a payment plan. For payment plans, a non-refundable deposit of $500 AUD is required to secure your place on the Ananda Lahari Retreat. Full payment is required by 31st December 2017. Please see our terms and conditions and refund/cancellation policy for more information.

Single Occupancy $ 1,997 AUD/Person $ 1,557 USD/Person € 1,357 EUR/Person


Your choice to either Pay in Full or Pay in Instalments

What Do I Need to Know?

Dates: 7 February – 14th February 2018

Departing/Returning Destination: – Cochin, India

Journey Destinations: Kairali Ayurvedic Healing Village, Palakkad, Kerala

Airfares: Flights to/from Cochin (our starting and ending destination) are not included in this package. All domestic travel in India required by the itinerary will be covered by your tariff.

Accommodation: Accommodation is offered on a single occupancy basis as well as twin sharing basis.

Group Size: Our journeys are for small groups of men and women (18 yrs +). Our intention is to create a community in which you feel supported, safe and connected with like-minded yogis.

Inclusions: 7 nights / 8 days Villa Accommodation * Domestic travel as required by itinerary, 3 chef prepared meals daily, water bottles daily, Consulation with Ayurvedic doctor, Daily Ayurvedic herbal massage and steam bath, Yoga, Meditation and Workshops, Ayurvedic factory tour, use of Pool and Gym.

What to Bring: To be advised after booking.

Insurance: We strongly recommend travel insurance is taken out for this journey.

Visa:It will be your responsibility to arrange a visa prior to travelling to India. Passport holders from UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and USA may be able to take advantage of India’s online visa service (subject to eligibility).

Payment: A non-refundable deposit of $500 (AUD) is required to secure your place on this journey. Full payment is required 31st December 2017. Payment plans are available. After booking and paying a deposit, contact us and we will happily work with you to create an arrangement that works best for you.

Enquiries / Questions: Please contact

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