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Mindfulness Retreat

India's first Mindfulness Retreat in Palakkad Kerala June 26-30

Led by celebrity coach Santhosh Babu, Iyengar yoga practitioner Raageshwari, American Holotropic Breathwork experts Sharanya and Dough.

New Delhi May 29, 2014, A dozen experts including celebrity coach Santhosh Babu, singer-actress Raageshwari and American holotropic breathwork experts Sharanya and Dough, are among the dozen alternate therapists participating in India's first-ever retreat on Mindfulness in Palakkad, Kerala from 26-30 June 2014.

Mindfulness Retreat

The five-day retreat offers tools and methodologies for inner transformation of individuals keen to explore inner development.

"Mindfulness, as a concept, is gaining popularity with thousands of people showing interest in meditation, yoga and mindfulness. Time magazine's January 2014 cover story focused on 'Mindfulness Revolution' while the Wisdom 2.0 conference, held in in San Francisco in February 2014, deliberated mindfulness", says Retreat Director Santhosh Babu.

"This Mindfulness Retreat is for people who want to be self-aware and work on themselves. We look forward to working with 40-50 individuals -- corporate executives, businessmen and families -- with an open mind, quest for greater understanding and the will to explore more," adds Santhosh Babu.

Well known singer-actress Raageshwari is now a Facial and Iyengar yoga practitioner. She began a long journey of positivity and healing when she was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy, a nervous disorder that leads to the paralysis of the facial muscles. As medicines could not help, she restored strength of her facial muscles through facial yoga and Iyengar yoga, without reconstructive surgery.

"For me, the growth during the time I was ill, was huge. Today I know exactly what I want, and that became possible, because I had the time to rediscover myself, when I fell ill. Introduction to yoga, meditation, and holistic healing started to take over my life. If you really, really believe in something, it will come true," says Raageshwari.

Other session experts include US-based Holotropic Breathwork trainer Sharanya Naik. Holotropic Breathwork, is a tool developed by Dr. Stanislav Grof as an adjunct to psychedelic psychotherapy and as alternate to LSD that was once used in psychotherapy. This is the first time Holotropic Breathwork will be taught to the general public in India.

Mindfulness Retreat

Raji Prakash, Retreat co-chair said, "The attendees will benefit from self-awareness, mindfulness, overall health and personal transformation."

Shruti Nanda Poddar, an expert on Vibrational and Sound healing, will help participants get in touch with their inner self through the power of music. The Mindfulness Retreat will also include sessions on Kundalini Yoga and meditation by Anita Anand and Pranic healing by Nidhi Jain and Shivani Hariharan.

The Retreat is immersive and every hour spent at the Kairali Ayurveda Village, the residential retreat venue, will ensure that both the body and the mind are working together. A typical day would have yoga, expert sessions, a range of Ayurveda massages, music and feedback. Organic vegetarian food, especially created by the Ayurveda centre, will complement the life changing experience.

Founder managing director of Organisation Development Alternatives, Santhosh Babu helps organisations transform through leadership development and culture transformation. Author of India's first book on coaching, Santhosh Babu is also an author and columnist. He teaches hypnosis to healers and is known for hypnosis demonstrations in IIT Delhi, Mumbai, IIM Ahmedabad, and IIM Calcutta.

Mirus is the executing partner for the Retreat.

Package Tariff (INR)
Duration Price
4 Nights / 5 Days Energy exchange 110,000/- + Service Tax

Celebrity Coach

Led by celebrity coach Santhosh Babu, Iyengar yoga practitioner Raageshwari, American Holotropic Breathwork experts Sharanya and Dough.
Santhosh Babu

Celebrity Coach Santhosh Babu invites you to join him on a 5-day Mindfulness Journey with experts who will share their knowledge of Tibetan Yoga, Vibrational Healing, Integrated Transpersonal work, Pranic Healing Tools and Holotropic Breathwork for the first time in India.The retreat is designed as an all-inclusive, deeply engaging experience that brings you in touch with yourself and others who are on their own journey of Mindfulness.

Santhosh Babu is a Celebrity Coach, Founder & MD of ODA (Organization Development Alternatives) and the author of India's first book on coaching. He is the Program Director of the Retreat and connects each expert's session to the overall transformation agenda of the participants.

Come Immerse yourself in an experience of personal and collective Transformation at the Mindfulness Retreat.

Session Experts

RAAGESHWARIActress, Singer, Tibetan Yoga expert and a Motivational Speaker
Actress, Singer, Tibetan Yoga expert and a Motivational Speaker

RAAGESHWARI is an actress, singer, Tibetan Yoga expert and a Motivational Speaker. She has a fan following that cuts across all age groups. Struck with Bell’s Palsy in 2000 made her turn a corner and nose-dive into Mind-Power. A student of Jack Canfield and having worked on a motivational affirmation’s CD with Louise Hay, Raageshwari believes that for any transformation the mind, body, heart and soul must be in synergy. Hence, she creates an ambience in her seminars conducive to joy and positivity that impacts you on a visual, auditory, kinesthetic and spiritual level. Raageshwari is teaching the Power of Affirmations and Tibetan Yoga.

A school teacher, practitioner and facilitator of Holotropic Breathwork
A school teacher, practitioner and facilitator of Holotropic Breathwork

SHARANYA NAIK is a school tetacher, practitioner and facilitator of Holotropic Breathwork, - an unusual, but highly effective, approach to healing the mind, body and spirit. The practice provides a safe and caring container for deep exploration in non-ordinary states of consciousness. Participants use their breath to access these non-ordinary states and, in doing so, surrender to a natural process of spiritual and psychological healing. This healing takes many, often mysterious forms and becomes a collaboration of mind, body, and spirit. Sharanya conducts workshops in Maryland, New Jersey, and New York City and is co- editor of The Inner Door, a journal for Holotropic Breathwork practitioners. Sharanya will teach Holotropic Breathwork to seekers for the first time in India.

Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Integrative, Transpersonal Therapist
Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Integrative, Transpersonal Therapist

ANITA PREM ANAND is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Integrative, Transpersonal Therapist. She is a powerful Holistic Therapist who has helped hundreds of people heal themselves of debilitating emotional and physical conditions for over a decade. Anita has a rich, varied background - A Transpersonal and Psychodynamic counselor and Senior Accredited Journey Practitioner (Brandon Bays), an Art Therapist and Hatha and Kundalini Yoga teacher with over 15 years of International teaching experience, conducting workshops worldwide. Anita uses creativity and intuition, encouraging one to feel inwardly to the inner guide and wisdom of the body. The principle philosophy behind Anita’s work is the path of direct experience.Anita will teach elements of ‘The Journey’.

Musician, Healer & leading practitioner of traditional knowledge systems
Musician, Healer & leading practitioner of traditional knowledge systems

SHRUTI PODDAR is an internationally renowned musician, educationist, healer, wellness expert, and leading practitioner of traditional knowledge systems. The pioneer of the vibrational and sound healing ecosystem called Nada Vibronics, Shruti works with indigenous knowledge and sonic systems for healing and curing various health conditions. Her audio CDs, healing methods and music are now used for curing various health conditions internationally. Shruti uses the power of music, seed sounds, visualization, breath and the five elemental states (pancha-kosha) in aiding changes at the levels of organ, tissue and cell, and to make us peaceful, vibrant and energetically rejuvenated in everyday life.

Certified Trainer and an exceptional healer
Certified Trainer and an exceptional healer

Shivani Hariharan holds a postgraduate degree in finance from Melbourne University. She has been in the field of energy well-being and a life coach for over ten years. She is a certified trainer and an exceptional healer. Her understanding and experience in human emotions and psychology, along with a highly intelligent and practical approach to solve problems, make her an excellent mentor. They will be teaching a specially designed Pranic Healing module that aids mindfulness.

Jewellery Designer, Trainer at the World Pranic Healing Foundation, India
Jewellery Designer, Trainer at the World Pranic Healing Foundation, India

Jewellery designer Nidhi Jain has been trained by the pioneers of pranic healing and is now a trainer at the World Pranic Healing Foundation, India. She has been practicing and leading workshops for over 15 years all over India and abroad. Her warm, nurturing, good-humored style, makes learning easy and fun.

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