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Ayurveda Treatment

Ayurveda Treatment by Kairali is an optimum source of positivity and dynamism in one’s health and life. It enables to elevate into a better person with a healthy body, mind and soul.

There are a number of treatments that our guests can experience. Not only the ailments get cured but also they enjoy a lavish stay at our health resort i.e., Kairali-The Healing Village, Palakkad, Kerala. The rooms are allotted in accordance with the zodiacs and the element of ‘Vaastu Shastra’. Experiencing the authentic meals and healing procedures one can never think of letting this chance away.


Loosely explained as a regular oil massage, Abhyangam is akin to the massage given to babies to strengthen their bones and joints, regulate the flow of blood, and also build the immunity of the body to fight against seasonal changes. In fact, it is recommended as the first step to any treatment, thanks to its ability to retune the energy cycles.

To administer the treatment, an individual is first seated on the Droni (a wooden bed specially made for the therapy) where two trained masseurs work in-sync applying medicated herbal oil on the head and then the rest of the body, while massaging it gently into the skin. It is a relaxing massage.

The benefit of taking Abhyangam is that it improves blood circulation, longevity, better sleep and vitality. Those who take the treatment regularly have a glowing skin.


Sirodhara is an ancient therapy that uses medicated herbal oil and the study of the neuro-functioning of the body to treat headaches, sinus issues and even stress.

The therapy begins with the individual lying down, face up, on a wooden bed, with hands on both the side. A specially-designed apparatus filled with the medicated oil placed on top of the head is used to pour oil in slow oscillation movement, while the masseur gently massages the different pressure points in the body to distress. After the prescribed duration is over the head is then dried with a towel.

Sirodhara is known to promote rejuvenation and revitalization of the mind and body, while reversing the effects of ageing. It is also effective in easing mental stress and strain.


Although the procedure of administering Takradhara is similar to Sirodhara, the treatment uses buttermilk poured through a specially-designed apparatus over a single region of the body to treat an illness.

This therapy has proven effective for those suffering from memory loss, disease of the scalp and skin disorders like psoriasis, anxiety, stress and mental disorders.

Dhanyamala Dhara

Dhanyamala Dhara is a full-body therapy and using fermented medicated solutions.

In Dhanyamala Dhara, a fermented solution is poured through a special apparatus in a continuous stream through the body, with specialists gently massaging it into the skin using circular hand motion. It is effective in treating obesity, and relieving aches and pains.


One of Kairali Healing Village’s signature anti-ageing/rejuvenating therapies, Pizhichil is effective in healing rheumatic diseases, BP, pain in the joints and diabetes.In Pizhichil, warm, medicated oil is poured over the body using a fine piece of linen to treat diseases. This oil is simultaneously massaged into the body using slow, circular motion applied with a light pressure.


Used over the past 5,000 years in Ayurveda in therapies, Kizhi (pronounced khiri) is the name for little bundles of medicated herbs, oils, powders. These poultices are used with various pressures to treat a variety of conditions/diseases. Based on the herbs/oil used, there are various forms of kizhi treatments. Some of our popular therapies at our centre are:

Elakizhi (Patraswedam)

In Elakizhi, herbal poultices (bundles) are prepared with various herbs and medicated powders. These poultices are warmed in medicated oils and then used to massage the entire body, neck, shoulders, hands and back. This therapy helps improve blood circulation within the affected area through perspiration. It also works as a deep skin cleanser and toner.


Though similar to Podikizhi in process, ManjalKizhi uses turmeric mixed with other herbs and oils in the treatment. This therapy is given to reduce inflammation, and to heal arthritic aches and pains.


Naranga in Malyalam means lemon. A speciality treatment in Ayurveda,

Narangakizhi harvests the painrelieving properties of a lemon to treat diseases like diabetic neuropathy, frozen shoulders, traumatic injuries and various aches and pains. The Kizhi used here has slices of lemons brewed with herbs and medicated oil. These bags are then warmed up and massaged on the body with focus on the affected areas.


Here the Kizhis are filled with herbal powders, which are warmed and pounded over the body with moderate pressure for certain duration of time. Podikizhi is recommended for relieving spasm, stiffness of muscles and joints, and beneficial in melting fat and flab around the muscles.


Yet another traditional treatment in Ayurveda, Muttakizhi uses the healing properties of protein in eggs to treat paralysis, muscle wasting or muscle atrophy, facial palsy and frozen shoulders. The treatment uses boiled egg yolks, which are mixed with various herbs and oils and made into Kizhis that are massaged on to the body.


In this therapy, beach sand plays the key role. The sand is first cleaned of all the impurities, dried and then tossed with rock salt over medium heat. Manalkizhi helps heal rheumatic fever, pain, inflammation and swelling, especially of the Amavata nature.


This therapy uses steamed herbal Kizhi instead of the herbs mixed in oil. Kadikizhi begins with a light massage with medicated oils followed with the steamed Khizi massage. The therapy is recommended for those dealing with weight issues and arthritis.


Udwarthanam is a combination of an exfoilator, massage therapy and a treatment, and is administered using a specially-prepared dry powder to improve blood circulation and treat numbness of the limbs. In Udwarthanam, dry herbal powder is applied as a scrub all over the body. This treatment also exfoliates the skin to give a toned and firm look, and is effective in reducing body fat.


The therapy follows the same principles of treatment as in Udwarthanam, but instead of dry herb mixture it uses the wet form of a medicated powder. In Udgharshanam, the wet, scrub-kind mixture is gently massaged through the body, allowed to settle and then removed. This therapy helps in breaking the cellulite in the body, and strengthening the muscles. It is also effective in treating skin conditions like eczema.


An important part of Ayurveda science, Sirovasti is the traditional treatment for all nervous problems. In Sirovasti, a specially-designed head gear is placed on the head, into which lukewarm, medicated oil is poured slowly till it covers the entire head. The oil is allowed to stand a specific time. The key to this therapy is maintaining the temperature of the oil at a certain degree for the entire duration of the treatment. Sirovasti is recommended for those suffering from migraine, deafness, ailment affecting cranial nerves, facial paralysis, stress, chronic cold, sinusitis and other neurological diseases.


Urovasti is more focused towards the functioning and health of the heart and the lungs. In Urovasti, the affected region is localized using a herbal paste, into which warm medicated oil is poured and kept for 30 to 40 minutes. This treatment is effective in treating asthma, bronchitis, palpitation, costochondritis, and chest injury if any; and is known to improve cardiac functioning.


Developed for the knee region and the various ailments relating to it, Januvasti begins with circling the knee region with a herbal dough. Into this, lukewarm oil is poured slowly till it fills right below the rim of the circle and kept for certain duration of time. Januvasti is effective in treating osteoarthritis and healing knee bone injuries.


Dedicated to the wellness of the neck and backbone, in Januvasti the neck area is localized using a herbal dough/ paste. Into this, warm, medicated oil is poured and allowed to stay for a few minutes depending upon the condition/ disease being treated, and its level of seriousness. Greevavasti is effective for those with cervical spondylosis, stiffness, spasm of the back and occupational tension build ups.


Another form of treatment for the back, Kativasti begins with encircling the region to be treated using a herbal dough, in which warm medicated oil to be poured and allowed to stand for a time span as determined by the doctor depending on the nature of the disease/condition. Kativasti is effective in treating chronic issues like spondylitis, disc prolapse, sciatica and muscular spasms.


Nasyam is one of the many treatments of Ayurveda. Medicated oils, powders etc. is instilled through the nasal route. The upper portion of the body from neck upwards is massaged during this process. The area around the nose, neck, shoulders, palms and feet is rubbed to enable the easy assimilation of the medicine and also helps in cleaning all the minute channels above the neck. Nasyam is beneficial for those suffering from sinusitis, migraine, chronic cold, facial palsy, cervical spondylosis etc.


According to Ayurveda, Talapotchil is the most naturally effective therapies to treat diseases that upset the head. The treatment begins with a mandatory head massage with herbal oil. This is followed with a Varti (a special cloth) that is tied around the head and an herbal paste is applied with uniform thickness all over the head. This is kept for 45 minutes, after which the dried paste is removed and the head is wiped clean. Talapotchil is suggested for those suffering hair loss, dandruff, greying, insomnia, low blood pressure (BP) and chronic sinusitis.


Mukhalepam, or face pack, is perhaps the oldest, non-invasive, effective, beauty, skin and senses rejuvenation therapy in the book of Ayurveda. Mukhalepam begins with a light massage of the face. This is followed by applying an even layer of Lepam applied on the face and neck area. Two swabs of cotton and slices of cucumber are placed on the eye. The Lepam is left to dry and then washed off with water.


Netradhara is a treatment devised for cleaning the eyes, and is usually the first level of treatment advised in Ayurveda for any forms of eye conditions. In Netradhara, the eyes are washed with a medicated concoctions or oils for a specific period of time, usually half an hour. Netradhara is commonly recommended for people suffering from eye fatigue and muscular tension. Of course the treatment also lends brightness to the eyes, while “slowing down” the arrival of crows-feet.


A combination of a soothing, eyerelaxing treatment and detox therapy that helps rejuvenate the eyes and its surrounding tissues, Netratharpanam begins with applying a special herbal paste around the eyes. Medicated ghee or concoction is poured, and left to stay for a specified time, depending on the ailment being treated. It helps to treat degenerative eye diseases like myopia, hypermetropia etc. and helps strengthening optic nerves and related tissues.


One of the core therapies in Ayurveda for oral health, Kavalagraham uses oil and other medicated concoctions to cleanse the oral canals through gargling. The therapy is beneficial in fixing loose teeth, curing sensitivity, preventing tooth decay, treating bleeding gums to improving clarity in voice.


One of the effective, non-invasive treatments for oral care, Gandoosham uses the heat of the mouth to disseminate the medicine and eliminate toxins. In this therapy, oil or medicated decoctions is held in the mouth for certain period of time. The process is almost similar to mouthwash these days, but with larger benefits.


Karnapoornam is a single curativepreventive treatment for all forms of audiometric conditions. In Karnapoornam, warm medicated liquids/ oil is poured into the external ear canal and retained for a specific period of time, which varies from personto-person. This treatment is effective in preventing ailments of the ears, and is recommended for those with hearing debility, tinnitus and neurological disorders.


Dhoom or smoke is an important aspect of treatment in Ayurveda as it helps exhume the impurities and residues of a treatment, and is essential for cleansing the system. Yet another form of detox therapy, Dhoompanam is useful in treating sensory ailments, and is administered by inhaling medicated smoke from a Varti. It forms the last phase of Nasyam.

Dhoompanam is beneficial for those who suffer from shirorogas, sinusitis and conditions related to urdhvajatrugatarogas.


This therapy uses medicated special powders mixed in medicated oils to treat ENT problems like insomnia, migraine and others. In Thalam, the medicated powder is applied on the vertex for the specific duration, which varies from one person to another and depends on the intensity of the condition.


Lepam or packs is a specially-created concoction to address a specific series of physical, mental and psychological problems. The simplest of therapies in Ayurveda, Lepam involves applying the herbal paste on the affected area and wrapping the region with a muslin cloth. The paste is left to dry before being washed clean. Lepam helps relieve pain (warm/hot pack) and restore the glow (cold pack) too.


The procedure in which, warm medicated oil is given through the anal route, to subside Vata. It also helps in treating conditions like Constipation, Low back pain, etc. This Ayurvedic enema can be done in all ages i.e. from childhood to old age, without any complications.


One among the Panchkarama procedure in which warm medicated decoction is given through the anal route. The medicated decoction is made up of five herbal ingredients; Kashayavasti is indicated in all neurological diseases like hemiplegia, paraplegia, weight loss and certain arthritic conditions as well.

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