Ayurveda Treatment

Ayurveda Treatment

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What is Panchkarma?

What is Panchkarma

Detoxification from the ama and purification of the bodily tissues can be touted as the only answer to the ever escalating angst and restlessness in the cacophony of this ruthless world. In the present scenario, it has become highly imperative to be relevant at all times. Practically, seems impossible because of our habits and the stress we undergo throughout the day. The only way out is to dig deep into our roots and rejuvenate our body, mind and soul and maintain equilibrium that will not only keep you active all day, but will maintain your health as well; through Panchkarma treatment that anneals immunity by aiding removal of morbid dosha, damaged dhatu and obstructed mala.

Panchkarma is a combination of five procedures of purification— Vamana (Emesis), Virechana (Purgation), Niroohavasti (Decoction enema), Nasya (Instillation of medicine through nostrils), and Anuvasanavasti (Oil enema). These procedures aim at plucking away the deep rooted imbalances in the body.

Ayurveda, our ancient science, underlines that stress and strain ferociously harms our gastro-intestinal tract, resulting in inflammation and slow digestion, which leads in creating ama and hence diseases and imbalances. Detoxifying and rejuvenating with panchakarma enhances energy and mental clarity. By resetting digestion, Panchkarma therapy let the body detox naturally. Due to its enormous potency and instantaneous effects that last longer, this method has been deemed incredibly effective in fighting off against afflictions. Panchkarma is the true embodiment of Ayurvedic values and it lives up to its reputation.

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