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“Panchakarma” is the most famous detoxification process of “Ayurveda”, restoring youth with the help of medicated oils. This special treatment of medicated oil massage and herbal remedies was prescribed in ancient Vedic scripture, and has been practiced in Kerala for many centuries, in accordance with the great works of the “Charaka Samhita”. Panchakarma and Shirodhara are the leading therapies in Indian Ayurveda; considering the level of transformative detoxification they provide, it is not difficult to understand why.


Panchakarma includes five natural methods of purgation or elimination, giving the body an intensively detoxifying the body, while balancing the three doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

Vamanam (Emesis Therapy or vomiting): This process is well supervised at The Ayurvedic Healing Village, by highly trained therapists at our certified Panchakarma hospital. Vamanam is induced to eliminate Kapha, which causes the excess mucus. Congestion in the lungs causes repeated attacks of bronchitis, colds and coughs. Vamanam is the best treatment for Kapha-related diseases, as well as chronic skin disease such as psoriasis.

Virechanam (Purgation: The elimination of toxic matter from the intestines by administrating therapeutic purgation or a therapeutic laxative, Virechanam is an especially effective cure in cases of jaundice and hemorrhoids.

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Aasthaapana / Niruham: An enema using quath or Kashaya Vasti and combatting vata dominant disease, (Vata is predominant in the colon). Vasti involves the introduction of a herbal concoction into the rectum, relieving constipation, kidney stones, backaches, sciatica and other types of joint pain.

Anuvaasan: Oil enema: This is given to patients suffering from diabetes, anemia, and obesity. All vata aggravated diseases, such as joint disorders, paralysis, constipation, arthritis, urinary and reproductive disorders benefit from the practice of Anuvaasan.

Nasyam: The inhalation of medicated oil through the nostrils, eliminating any excess of humours accumulated in the sinus, throat, nose or head areas. The patient’s body is massaged from the shoulders upwards, causing it to perspire. An exact dose of the herbal medicine is poured into the nostrils as the patient inhales. During the process, the area around the nose, neck, shoulders, palms & feet are rubbed. This is highly beneficial in conditions such as sinusitis, migraine, chronic cold and chest congestion. In case of hemiplegia and facial paralysis, nasyam is very effective.

Diet is important both during and after Panchakarma. After the purification process, the patient should take Kitchari (a mixed veg meal) whenever he feels hungry. He should maintain this diet for three to four days, slowly increasing the variety of other items like ginger, pepper, salt, green gram soup and other pulse soups, and increasing the quantity gradually.

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